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November 26th, 2020 | 55 Views | Film/Movie

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For my #GraduationGift my family bought me the #DASH #RapidColdBrewSystem.

This cold brew system can #Make #ColdBrew in as little as 5 minutes (for a lighter roast) to 15 minutes (for a darker roast).

To make the cold brew all you need is 1 to 2 cups of coffee and a max of 50oz of cold to room temp water.

What I do is I use 2 cups of the Kirkland Signature Roasted by Starbucks Espresso Blend with this and brewing 50oz of cold water for 15 minutes I can accomplish a cold brew that tastes exactly like a #ColdBrew from Starbucks!

I do highly recommend this product for any of those #ColdBrewLovers like myself!

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Donald Louch
iDonaldLouh Donald Louch Main Channel GraduationGift DASH RapidColdBrewSystem DASH Rapid Cold Brew System Cold Brew In 5 Minutes Cold Brew in 15 Minutes Recommend Coffee Almond Milk Ice Kirkland Signature Roasted Kirkland Signature Roasted by Starbucks Espresso Blend Not Sponsored
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