#Whistler 2019

November 26th, 2020 | 52 Views | Vlog


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On February 3rd, 2019 I went to #Whistler for a few day #Trip!

During our stay there we experienced some pretty #ChillyWeather (or from what we're use too)! To that, when I went tubing I was going to film this experience with my #GoPro but due to the coldness my battery died nearly instantly and when I went to charge it I kept getting a message stating it was too cold for the battery and made it so that I couldn't capture the experience. But we had a blast non-the-less!

This was my first time really using my new GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition and thus, wasn't able to get the best settings and exposer! But here's some road trip footage and footage of our #Gondola ride which was free I might add!

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